Where to see the sunrises and sunsets in Bagan, Burma?

Since many temples are closed to visitors, it is difficult to find good places to admire the sunrises and sunsets in Bagan. Don’t panic, I have gathered the best places still available for your sunrises and sunsets in Bagan in this unique article.

Places to see the sunrises in Bagan

Bagan sunrise
Many temples and pagodas in Bagan have been closed for renovation, including the best to watch the sunrises in Bagan. Fortunately, there are still places to see the sunrise over Bagan, my favorite is the first one on the list because it has a 360° panorama and you can see the most famous temples. connus.


Near temple 2580;
With Maps.me this is called “360 rooftop views”.
GPS coordinates: 21.148057, 94.87191. 3 Buledi (temple 394)

Buledi (temple 394),
Little stupas near a monastery.
GPS coordinates: 21.149362, 94.870545
Loi Ka Ou Shaung
With maps.me ” Sunset and sunrise pagoda, 360° view ” The view is wide but of little interest when you don’t have a zoom
GPS coordinates: 21.16147, 94867761
Meenyeingon Phaya
With maps.me, « sunset mound ». The view is not the best, but we have a view of the Nan Myint tower. It is advisable to have a zoom.
GPS coordinates: 21.162911, 94.880174
Viewpoint near the temple 2000
Platform next to the Shwe Leik Too temple that allows a 360° view.
GPS coordinates: 21.180912, 94,882382
« Roof climb » with Maps.me GPS coordinates: 21.60024, 94.858934
Temple opposed to Law Ka Or Shaung for sunrise
GPS coordinates: 21.162636,94.864083
GPS coordinates: 21.176409, 94.8866252
GPS coordinates: 21.156784, 94.867959 GPS coordinates: 21.158799, 94.871151
  Thit Sa Wadi
  Sur maps.me « Best view point of Bagan »
GPS coordinates: 21.158819, 94.876733
  Shwe Gu Gyi Phaya

Places to see the sunsets in Bagan

As for the temples that offered beautiful views to watch the sunrises over Bagan, temples and pagodas were also closed, so it is no longer possible to watch the sunsets over Bagan. There are also a few places to see the sun set over Bagan.


With maps.me ” Sunset and sunrise pagoda, 360° view “
GPS coordinates: 21.16147, 94867761
Shwesansaw was one of the best sports for sunset, but it is forbidden to climb now

Platform in the northwest of Dhamma Ya Zi Ka Pagoda, temple n°860 Buledi (temple 394), completely closed
A landscaped hill with a view of some cultures and far away from temples and pagodas. It is a hill lost in the plain, just a small pond (hidden behind).
GPS coordinates: 21.152368, 94.890297
Pyathada Paya, closed, you can no longer climb on its terrace for sunset
With maps.me” Sunset and sunrise pagoda, 360° view “, landscaped hill. 
GPS coordinates: 21.16147, 94867761
Lay Myet Hna Pagoda
With maps.me “Sunset hill”, landscaped hill, wide 180° view on the plain and cultures.
GPS coordinates: 21.15368, 94.890297
Shwe Nan Yin Taw
Plateforme à côté du temple Shwe Leik Too (vue avec câbles électriques)
GPS coordinates: 21.180912, 94,882382
Point de vue près du temple 2000
Temple 860
GPS coordinates: 21.146461, 94.883234
Tayoke Paya temple
GPS coordinates: 21.158799, 94.871151
  Shwe Gu Gyi Phaya
  Temple 843

Tips for successful sunrise and sunset photos

  • Think about getting to the top to get the best place, to position yourself
  • Equipped with a tripod for your camera if you have a SLR or hybrid camera. You will get better pictures if your camera is attached. You can find tripods in all photo specialty stores but also on Amazon which offers a wide choice with all budgets and customer opinions. See a selection of tripods.
  • Ideally, trigger your photos with the self-timer function of your camera or with your remote control.  I use a specific remote control for my camera but for other cameras you can see this selection of camera remote controls.
  • Watch the day before sunrise and sunset time on the internet
  • Use the Sun Surveyor smartphone application to find out the position of sunrise (East) and sunset (West).
  • You will see that your photos are a little brighter in your lens, you can lower the brightness of your camera a little. Really wait until the sun sets to get prettier colours.
  • Finally think about enjoying it!

If you have better places for sunrises and sunsets in Bagan, feel free to share the information in the comment area for the benefit of readers. However, if any of the information is incorrect, please let me know.

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