When to go to Bagan in Burma to enjoy your stay?

Bagan is one of the must-see sites to visit when travelling in Burma. Wondering when to go to Bagan to make the most of your stay? The answer is in this article.

When to go to Bagan?

Climate zones

In Burma there are two main climatic zones in general:

  • The Bagan – Mandalay centre where it is hot and dry, on the other hand on the Kalaw and Pindaya side it is a little cool, these are mountainous regions.
  • The south with Yangon the monsoon and humidity are omnipresent. It rains a lot in Yangon

The seasons in Burma

In terms of seasons, there are three.

  • From June to October

The monsoon is permanent in Yangon, the rain is even more present in July and August. At this time of year there are cyclones, it is better to avoid going to the coast, most hotels are closed anyway. To travel in the centre, there is no particular concern because it is dry.

  • From November to February

It is the best time to travel to Myanmar, so for Bagan it is ideal because the weather is quite sunny but the temperatures are lower than in monsoon season, however it is better to book your accommodation in advance for Bagan.

  • From March to May

It is the hottest season of the year. In Mandalay and Bagan it is extremely hot. The advantage in this season is that there are fewer tourists and hotels are cheaper. So when to go to Bagan? As you will have understood, the ideal season to go to Bagan is from November to February. If you want to see fewer people on the Bagan site, then it is better to travel between March and May. For these two seasons, you will certainly have dry weather. From July to October Bagan there will be a lot of rain and it is quite difficult when you want to take beautiful pictures of sunrises and sunsets in Bagan because the rain can come suddenly.

Temperatures in Burma

Minimum / maximum temperatures (average)

January: 13°C / 27°C
February: 15°C / 31°C
March: 20°C / 35°C
April: 25°C / 37°C
May: 26°C / 36°C
June: 26°C/ 33°C
July: 26°C /33°C /33°C
August: 25°C / 33°C
September: 25°C / 32°C
October: 23°C / 31°C
November: 20°C / 29°C
December: 15°C / 27°C

Map of Burma (zoom on Bagan)

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