Dear readers and travellers,


I’m Raphaëlle, I’m 31 years old and I’m from Nantes.

When I was a child, I had a childhood dream: to get into a hot air balloon. Coming from a modest family, my parents could not offer me hot air balloon flights on our side. Then a few years later, once I was an adult, I set myself the goal of making this childhood dream come true. So I went to find out about the places where it was possible to take off, to fly high and far… I also asked about rates, safety rules, etc. The prices for a hot air balloon flight are really expensive and not everyone can fly into the air in a balloon. So I decided to give up.

Time passes and I age like you and I have only one life like you:)

A few years later, while I was discussing trips around the world, a friend shared with me his experience of several hot air balloon flights. He shared everything with me, in pictures and with his comments on takeoff, landing, the pilot’s skills and diplomas, the capacity of the nacelle, its weight etc. This friend revived in me that childhood dream that had passed away a few years earlier. And I can never thank him enough.

This hot air balloon flight I finally made and I chose Bagan to do it. A hot air balloon flight to Bagan is expensive, it must be said. So I broke my piggy bank, without thinking about reserving my place with other travellers aboard this hot air balloon in Bagan. My trip to Burma was beautiful, a pure moment of happiness, a magical place. See all these temples….

This moment will always be etched in my memory.

I finally realized my childhood dream and I don’t regret it at all.

I invite you to do the same and you will discover on this site a lot of reasons to make a hot air balloon flight to Bagan.

Now you know why I created www.vol-montgolfiere-bagan.fr/en/